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The value of Internet

In the global ecosystem of trade and commerce, comes in a technology which allows the creators/ manufacturers to add unprecedented value to what they were creating. It gave voice to hundreds and thousands which otherwise were getting trampled by the system itself, wherein the system was taking it what it wanted and then taxing what…

Services Standardization in India

The entire focus of standardization in India has been to maintain the quality of the products being produced / assembled by using the instruments of certifications and lab testing which were enforcing the quality by testing through a set of standards earmarked for it. However, the key area which was bringing dollar revenue to India…

IPR & Standardization

Traditionally Innovation Diffusion happens through IPR and the investment in IPR is driven by the economics around it. Similarly, standardization diffusion happens through adoption and is driven by the ability to benchmark and interoperability. So the Questions which arises are: Can innovation be driven by Standardization? How should organisations balance its effort in IPR &…

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