The value of Internet

In the global ecosystem of trade and commerce, comes in a technology which allows the creators/ manufacturers to add unprecedented value to what they were creating. It gave voice to hundreds and thousands which otherwise were getting trampled by the system itself, wherein the system was taking it what it wanted and then taxing what was left anyways. The value creators now had the power to decide how and where to drive their sales and use their resources. This technology is what we know as Internet.

Internet made the notion of honor equated with money go down. The question which gets going now is how has one made that money. If the answer is that it is without any value add and only through backroom deals, any amount of money does not gets the honor. This was reflected in almost all online polls/ reactions which was the mirrir of the conscience of the society as a whole.

Amidst all these, came the aggregators who said to the value creators that guys, it is your job to create value in production and as such you do it what you do best and then leave the rest to us. This again drove the dependence on Internet to a brand new level. However, the aggregators realised that they will not be able to survive this unless they add value. So most of the aggregators are diversifying to find value to what they were doing actually, aggregating. The value in aggregation came though service modularization. The aggregating platform for human transportation say Uber modualrized it wherein the component of booking of cabs is using all sort of AI and data analysis to find the cab for the user.

The value of Internet is in how it helps create value in the process over and over again. So the future of Internet will depend how the value creators in the global trade and commerce ecosystem will be able to leverage it and the users are able to find the right product and service. There has to be an universal acceptance to Internet.

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