Internet on 75th Year of Independent India

Happy Independence Day to All !!!

Today being the 75th Year of Independent India, the early morning email check prompted a thought. Has this technology named Internet made us independent or has it made us more dependent?

While reflecting on the question there were multiple aspects which came to mind. One thing was sure from my standpoint that this technology named Internet has allowed freedom of expression, freedom of thought freedom of creativity. This blog, the possibility of reach out to thousands without being bogged down by the borders is what Internet has to offer. But how come a technology has survived for so long when others come and dissolve with years or decades. This reminds us that the principles of Internet of decentralisation is a powerful principle and is at its core. However, this DNS is going into a overdrive of centralisation and its not the governments of countries but strategy of organisations which is possibly against the decentralisation principle.

As India moves into its 76th year of independence, efforts are on to strengthen the community of people who can work on Internet governance and ensure that the decentralisation is maintained. India Internet Governance forum is a right step in this direction in this year. The opportunity of being part of the coordination committee organising this first ever India IGF is the best gift to offer to fellow countrymen.

This step of bringing the community together will allow that the freedom continues to exist. This is is the beginning.

thought was has Internet allowed us to be independent or

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